Guess who’s back?

When I joined Instagram and the Diabetic Online Community (DOC), I had so much to say/share and I felt restrained. There were some topics I wanted to expand on further than the word count allowed. So starting a blog allowed me to answer the questions that frequented my DMs and comments. But it wasn’t long before my attention was taken away and my focus became launching my type one diabetic accessories.

Starting on online shop, transferring my domain over and the chaos that comes with launching a small business, meant my blog was well and truly put on the backburner. But I feel like this space is needed now more than ever. I spend a lot of time, answering the same questions that slide into my DMs – What’s it like to be on Fiasp? What do you pack when you travel? What are diabetes sick day rules? What are some of your favourite diabetic accessories (besides Organising Chaos of course)? I feel like having this space again will allow me to answer all those questions and more.

So if you have any burning questions let me know and I will plan a post just for you!

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