Diabetes at the Airport

Do you get nervous travelling with type one diabetes? Because let me tell you even after having diabetes for over 22 years and travelling all over the world, I still get anxious queuing up at security with all my diabetic supplies. And since getting an insulin pump and CGM, airport security has become even more daunting. But did you know there are actually protocols in place now to help those travelling with invisible illnesses and for those specifically travelling with diabetic devices?

The Sunflower Hidden Disability Lanyard

hidden disability lanyard

These lanyards can be picked up from UK airport (list below) or you can send off for one once you’ve booked your travels from a UK airport. When worn airport staff, including airport security, are aware that you are travelling with an invisible illness and may require special assistance or need to carry medical supplies through security checks.

London Airports

London Gatwick

London Heathrow

London Luton

London Stansted

London City


Northern England





UK Midlands


East Midlands

West of England & Wales







The Organising Chaos Sunflower Collection was inspired by the hidden disability lanyard and double up as a great medical alert IDs especially for those who don’t like traditional medical alert jewellery.

Medical Device Awareness Card.

After their own harrowing experience at airport security, when her family were held for over 2 hours and denied boarding on to the airplane because of their son’s insulin pump, Rachel Humphrey began a global campaign which resulted in the “Medical Device Awareness Card” which covers both insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors (including FGM Freestyle Libre and Dexcom) going through airport security. Some insulin pump manufacturers’ advise that x-ray screening and full-body airport scanners may interfere with the motors of insulin pumps resulting in a potential impact on insulin delivery. The card, sponsored by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Airport Operators Association (AOA), can be shown at airport security to ensure a safe and smooth experience through airport security.

Download Medical Device Awareness Card


You are able to send a self addressed envelope to receive a free printed version (email for more info), but I just printed mine off and keep it folded in my passport wallet.

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