What I love about the Dana rs insulin pump…

I never wanted a tubed pump but because I didn’t have a great experience with the Omnipod (read here) I needed to find a pump that better suited me. After attending their bloggers event in Berlin in 2018, I really wanted the Kaleido, but I had already persisted for a whole year on the Omnipod and I needed something that was immediately available.

I’d never heard about the Dana before, but when my diabesitie Ceri-Ann told me about it, I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of a pump that you could remotely control from your mobile device (…without looping).

Because I really liked the T:Slim but after attending a pump demonstration and finding out there was no way to remotely bolus I was completely turned off. Having to whip your pump out if it was clipped to your bra is not ideal, especially in public. And please believe, I am not going to the bathroom to bolus! So being able to control the pump right from your phone is an amazing feature!

The Dana is available on the NHS (UK) but there’s not a great deal of information about it and their website isn’t great. However, there are lots of resources in the community including Iulia’s great YouTube review and blog and I plan on sharing more along my journey with the Dana.

Sticker from Diasticker

But in the meantime, here are some of the things I love…

Accessibility – being able to remotely control from your mobile device is a game-changer. The official app is available on both ios and android. If I am popping out the house for short periods of time, I can just grab a Hypo-Pot and go without needing to take lots of supplies since I can take my insulin and check my blood glucose all from my phone (My CGM – Freestyle Libre with the MiaoMiao2)

Holds 300 units – compared to the Omnipod which only held 200 units, the Dana holds 300 units which is great since I am very insulin resistant

Loopable – you can loop directly with the pump without the need for an additional device (like a riley link). I have already built the app for looping but won’t be starting my looping journey right away.

Light/Small – they claim to be one of the lightest and smallest pumps on the market and to be honest I barely feel that it’s there.

Accessories – when you have your pump start you are given a huge starter kit which has everything you need to begin your pumping journey, including some great pouches, bands and clips. One of my biggest worries was how to wear a tubed pump but mostly I have been wearing the waist band that came in the starter kit and I love it.

7 thoughts on “What I love about the Dana rs insulin pump…

  1. Really interested to find out how you got on with this after my DSN suggested it to me – still have 2 years in my current pump though.

    She said that cartridge refills/set changes can take about 20minS though, even if you’re quick – so would love to see some content from you in that and find out more.


    1. Hey, sorry for the super late response. Set changes are a lot longer than some pumps but it definitely doesn’t take me 20 minutes. Next time I will have to time it and will be sure to share the results! x


  2. My son has been upgraded to a libre 2 and uses the Dana RS. Would love to know how to loop this. With him being a typical teenager he forgets to scan and do bolus sometimes. If this could do this for him I would be a less worried momma! So any advice as to where to get started with looping?


    1. Hey Leona, you can directly link with the libre 2 but I have heard there are currently some connectivity issues as it’s still fairly new. If he wanted to look into it now, I would suggest investing in a MiaoMiao – https://organising-chaos.blog/2020/03/29/miaomiao2/ – this turns the Libre into a CGM. If you check out this post it has a ton of links to help you start the journey – https://organising-chaos.blog/2021/01/09/looping-with-android-aps/ I would definietly recommend reading all the docs before making a decision. If you wanted any more help, please give me an email business@organising-chaos.com I’d be happy to help x


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