What is the MiaoMiao 2?

The MiaoMiao 2 (MM2) turns the Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor (FGM) into a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) meaning your blood glucose will be sent to your phone and/or watch every 5 minutes without the need to scan. The MM2 is a much more sleek and functional design compared to its predecessor, the MiaoMiao 1 (MM1). Using the adhesive stickers included with the device you stick one part to the Freestyle Libre sensor and the other part to your skin. I find this actually keeps the Libre more secure and last the full 14 days of wear.

How long does it last?

The MM lasts for years but comes with 1 year product warranty. It is rechargeable and lasts around 14 days of wear. It must be worn with a Freestyle Libre sensor which you need to purchase separately and these sensors last for 10 or 14 days depending on your country.

A full charge will last the full 14 days, but now and then I do find I need to give it a bit of a top up just before the 14 days. I use a portable charger and just keep the MM2 connected to me whilst I charge it.

What apps can you use?

I use the xDrip app, which is only available on Android. As I have only used xDrip this is the only one I can comment on. It’s a community built app and can’t be found in the app store. You can install the app here (you will need to enable untrusted sources on your device settings)

I use the xDrip Facebook group regularly to troubleshoot whenever I have any issues and to help with set up. Some useful files can be found here

What watches are compatible?

I use the Fossil Gen 5 smart watch. After searching google, there isn’t a comprehensive list of watch compatibility. But as far as I am aware, xDrip will work with (most) Android Wear watches.

What if I have an issue?

Whenever I have someone contact me asking for help or advise with the sensor I always direct them to Facebook. I find joining the MiaoMiao group and the group for whatever app you chose to use is invaluable –




Where can you purchase?


The MM comes from China and can take a few weeks to arrive, all shipping information can be found here

Click here to get $10 off your order

The MM2 was gifted and I receive commission for any purchases made through my affiliate link as a MiaoMiao ambassador.

What’s the difference between MM1 and MM2?

The MM2 is lighter and more streamlined, it has improved waterproof performance and bluetooth stability although I find they both work equally well. The main difference is the shape and I personally prefer the MM2.

Is it worth the money?

In my opinion, yes! I get the Freestyle Libre for free on the NHS so having the MM is totally worth it for me. Previously I was paying thousands of pounds a year for Dexcom so the initial cost of the MM is completely worth it.

How easy is it to set up and can you loop with it?

Setting up the MM is fairly easy (as previously mentioned I have only ever used xDrip) There are step-by-step guides (see links above).

You can use the MM as the CGM to loop with. Since I have an Android phone and a compatible pump (Dana Rs) I am looping using Android APS. I will be sharing my experience soon.

2 thoughts on “What is the MiaoMiao 2?

  1. Hi Claire,
    How did you manage to get the Freestyle Libre on the NHS? I am so burnt out with having to constantly finger prick but I can’t afford to self-fund and no-one from my diabetes team has ever brought it up as an option for me?


    1. Hi Kim, before it was a bit of a postcode lottery to get the FSL but it has become more widely available on the NHS. There is a criteria you have to meet, I think testing your blood sugars at least 8 times a day is one of them. I would definitely bring it up with your diabetes team and they will be able to advise you further. Hope it helps you x


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