My Top 5 Diabetes Brands

I am a huge supporter of brands who make cute things specially for diabetics! I regularly share some of my favourites over on Instagram, but I thought I would put together my top 5…

Vial Safe Insulin Protector

If you’re clumsy like me then you will love Vial Safe Insulin Protector. I drop my supplies regularly and have smashed pens and vials alike. The Vial Safe is a rubber housing that fits perfectly around your insulin vial, just in case you ever do drop it, it will be protected. Plus it makes insulin vials so much cuter! You can use code CHAOS20 at the checkout for a discount!


Myabetic aren’t just my favourite diabetic bags, but they are my favourite brand of bags period! From kitbags to backpacks, Myabetic have bags to suit every occasion and every diabetic and I’m completely obsessed! They have the most incredible team, who I was lucky enough to meet in LA at the Diabetic Awards 2019!


When I first thought about switching from the Omnipod to a tubed pump I was nervous for two main reasons: what if it doesn’t work with anything I wear and how will I sleep? Hid-In Pouches actually solve both those problems. I pretty much wear my pouch all day and at night. It’s so sleek and comfortable I regularly forget that it’s even there. They also do the cutest designs for T1D kids and adult kids alike!

28 Units

28 Units are a diabetic clothing brand and I love the designs! 28 Units was actually one of the very first diabetic tees I owned. 28 Units founder, Tara a fellow Type 1, is an amazing artist and creative, who creates all the designs herself! I have my eyes on a few pieces to add to my collection!

Diabetic Designs

Diabetic Designs, founded by Emily, another fellow diabetic is a graphic designer and has put her fun designs on lots of different products which can be purchased on Redbubble. We have a collaboration design which is one of my absolute favourites, you can check it out here. I love Diabetic Design Stickers, they’re perfect for decorating laptops!

The 28 units tee, Hid-In Pouch and Vial Safe Insulin Protectors were all gifted, I wasn’t obligated to share but I love the brands and all views are my own. I also don’t receive anything for sharing the discount code.

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